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Tank Seal Super Kit for Steel Copper Brass Tanks

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128,00 EUR per
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Product no.: Super-Kit
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Products description

Tank sealing easy and fast.

The kit includes: Rust Remover, degreaser and two component resin

The kit size depends on the tank volume! If in doubt call us.

The tank can be safely rusted and coated at home, the materials used such as the degreaser or de-icer are not harmful to the environment and can therefore be easily disposed of.

The tank seal is suitable for:

Motorcycle tank, car tank, aircraft tank, moped tank etc also for example for Simson, Bioethanol E85 and SP95-E10 - Diesel - E95 - E98 - aviation fuel

For chamber tanks (baffles) please use Kit one level higher.

NOT suitable for tank sealing for polyethylene or polypropylene tanks (off-road motorcycles, cars from about 1980)

Filling quantities of the respective kit, with 125ml resin are also 125ml hardener included etc ....

2-5 liters - 125ml resin / hardener

5-15 liters - 250ml resin / hardener

15-25 liters - 350ml resin / hardener

25-40 liters - 500ml resin / hardener

40-70 liters - 750ml resin / hardener

70-110 liters - 1000ml resin / hardener

110-170 liters - 1700ml resin hardener

The action of metal, water and above all rust decomposes lead-free fuels. By sealing the tank with the colorless 2-component resin, it considerably reduces these chemical processes. The Restom® Super Kit also includes the Restom® Super degreaser SDT 4060 and the rust remover PAC 2030

The kit contains:
rust remover Restom® PAC 2030, two-component resin Restom® EIR 2000, Restom® Super degreaser SDT 4060
We are happy to make you an offer to get your tank rust-free again.
Tank Seal Super Kit for Steel Copper Brass Tanks


Instructions for use for tank sealant
2.47 MB
To achieve the best result, please read the instructions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

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