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Restom® Granular varnish Grainee 9120

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Product no.: 9120
grain size

Products description

Air-drying granular varnish also known as wrinkle finish

Heat resistant up to 180°C

Possible uses:

- Dashboards (MG,....)

- Engines of motorcycles (Harley-Davidson)

- Mechanical parts, etc...



Apply with a spray gun:

Pressure : 3,5 to 4,5 bar, nozzle +/- 1,2 mm, 10-20% restom dilution 5020


- For parts that are not heated : allow to air dry

- Parts that are heated: Oil and petrol resistant after hardening due to the heat of the engine.

- The parts can also be oven dried: (120°C - 2 hours)


Packaging: 500 ml

Use for: Dashboard (ex MG, R8, ...) - Motors of motorcycles and cars (Masérati ...) - Mechanical parts (brakes with drums ...).

- with the pistol, approximately 6m² per litre and layer (1 pot is enough for 3m ² in one layer).
- with a brush (application by tapping), approx. 8m². Not recommended.
Application: 48 to 72 hours at an ambient temperature of approx. 20 ° C, with a moisture content of less than 70%.

Cleaning of application equipment: Restom®DILUANT 5020 and acetone.

Attention: Do not apply to cylinder and cylinder head. See Restom KPM 6000 THT.

Brush application not recommended, the rendering is not uniform (poorly distributed grain size) and the final appearance is unsprayed / matt, but glossy.
Restom® Granular varnish Grainee 9120

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