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Pack with one tin rod and Restom®PrimEtam 9420, body tin

16,97 EUR
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
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Product no.: PT9420

Products description

Pack containing a Tin Rod and Restom®PrimEtam 9420 :

Primetam 9420:
Restom®PrimEtam 9420 soldering water facilitates the deposit and good adhesion of tin, continuously, on steel surfaces to be tinned.

Properties :
Creates a bonding surface for easy wetting by the tin.
Guaranteed NON CORROSIVE for steel.
Can be used on copper, bronze and brass.
Not suitable for stainless steel or aluminium.
Application information :
Heat the part to be tinned with a torch.
Apply Restom®PrimEtam 9420 with a cloth or brush.
Melt the tin on the surface of the hot part or dip it in (e.g. cable ends).
Smooth the surface with a wedge 
Tin rod : 
Especially suitable for tinning or soldering work.

(Repair of a fuel tank for example)